When it rains, it pours

As I prepared for my run tonight after a pretty intense thunderstorm and downpour, I could hear the song Outside by Staind playing in my head… Knowing the run in the rain would get me that much closer to my goal of completing 200 miles by the middle of the year, I donned my favorite pink and white Adidas and put Murphy’s harness on to go.   Just as we headed out, the rain started to come down again slowly, and the further we ran, the harder it came down. By the time we were to the halfway point of tonight’s brief run, we were soaked.  As today’s stresses rolled around as thoughts in my head, my feet pounded the asphalt, and I could feel the tensions of today drain with each step.  I took one look at Murphy and realized that what’s really important today will probably not matter tomorrow, so make the most of the situation. He was steering me via the leash attached to my arm through the roads on this particular trail, as he is very familiar with the route.  But he wasn’t worried about the economy, or moving, or finding a job, or family, or judgments of others. He was happily steering me through every big puddle he could find and splashing as much as he possibly could. It literally took a huge splash in the face to snap me out of the zone of stress I’d been in tonight to get me to realize I just gotta take what life has to dish out and make the most of it. We happily leaped, splashed and kicked the puddles and enjoyed every drop of rain on our second half of the run tonight. It rained; it poured; we played; we splashed. Bring on the showers! I won’t melt!

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