on the lonely road

I miss my running buddy. This run was wayyyyy better than two nights ago but definitely lonely doing it on my own.  Murphy even stayed home this time. My headphones kept me focused on my internal thoughts as I put one foot in front of the other on this lonely road.  Even though I had to stop and stretch a few times, I felt much better about not only the distance, the motivation, my momentum, and my muscles. Longer runs are in the works, but this was a good start. I love when I run by myself and have those head-clearing moments. I realized that I will always regret not running, but I will never regret going for a run! Looking forward to the next run tomorrow.

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2 Responses to on the lonely road

  1. Matty says:

    Hey Erica! Sorry to hear you’re running solo. I know how much that can suck, but as you know, it’s your love of running that will get you through the lone runner phase. It’s only a phase. My own problem is that all my music has gotten so old to me. To keep it fresh, I’ve been running the Suffolk side Dismal Swamp trails to and from Lake Drummond. 100% isolation. No people. Ran into a couple bears. Lake scene is ridiculously peaceful and thought-inspiring–again, devoid of people. If you ever want to clear your mind and you happen to have a tank full of gas, grab some bug spray and give me a call. I can at least point you at a couple good trails. Keep truckin, girl!


    • dr1v3n says:

      Hey Matty,
      Thanks for the comments… any inspiration is welcome at this point. Running is a passion, a love, of mine, but it’s still good to be motivated. Rach’s schedule is so different from mine right now that our training is at different times, often without each other. I’m always welcome to company, as long as you don’t mind my slow pace. We are closer to Chesapeake now too, so I wouldn’t mind exploring a few trails. Let me know if/when you have time! We are serious about doing a marathon in 2012, so we have to keep ourselves motivated and doing shorter races to keep ourselves on target. I’m finding my music to be getting a little old too. I guess we’ll have to do a cd swap to change it up! Thanks again for your motivation! E.

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