I keep on runnin runnin

After missing a day of running and lifting couches instead, Rach and I went on the much anticipated long run for the week. Although what we thought was going to be a lovely 6 mile run, turned into an 8.92 mile run! Even though we now feel like weebles, it was well worth it to wait for the cooler weather, and a newly mapped route to try out our new adventure.  I feel GREAT! I have my stride back finally and am anxiously awaiting the Rock N Roll Half! There weren’t any puddles for us to jump in tonight, but I tell you what, just having my running buddy with me to make the trek, one foot in front of the other, was all the fun I needed! 🙂 By the way Rach, what are you gonna wear on tomorrow’s run so we don’t look like we are wearing uniforms again?! lol

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