Drive much?!

Rach and I ventured out after I got home from working both jobs today. I was grumpy and desperately needed a run. Neither of us were sore from the nearly 9 mile trek yesterday, I am pleased to say! As we stretched, we debated on distance.

Do we do a short run? Short short or just short? I don’t know. Short. No, let’s do short short. Whatever. Just pick! Ok. Let’s just go.

So, we started going and got one mile done and realized we never had decided what to do, so we ventured on a route down and back from the house.  It was an eventful night on our part. We got waved and yelled at by random boys. I stepped funny on one of the sidewalks and about rolled the same ankle I sprained twice in the first two months of this year. And on the route back to the house, as we had the little white man in the sign waving us on, some moron decided she wasn’t going to look and just turn right at said major intersection. We nearly got ran over as her brakes screeched and her car came to a quick hault. Sometimes, as I run, I really, really loathe drivers. Oddly enough, sometimes when I drive, I really loathe pedestrians. But not usually runners. Just pedestrians. At least runners move quickly out of the way. Regardless, Rach and I got in  decent short run of 2.45 miles tonight. I’m probably overdue for a rest day… so I guess it’ll happen tomorrow.  Still driven to keep running EVERY day til this race happens. Sometimes it’s a great, amazing, incredible, stubborn thing to be driven. Sometimes…

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