And it begins again

As I stepped into my well worn running shoes once again this evening, and laced them up tightly, I got the beginning of a grin on my face thinking about the run for tonight. It’s gotten a little cooler, and I thought, why not take Murphy? Well, Murphy heard me say “run” and also thought it a good idea since he started pacing between me and the door. I got up from the floor, located Murphy’s harness and leash (and potty bag- I AM a responsible puppy parent!), and headed out the door.

While I had mapped out a good 5.2 miles to run since it’s been a full week and a half since I ran the half marathon, it didn’t quite happen. I forgot that dogs don’t take to the heat like me, and poor Murphy’s tongue was probably dragging the ground by the time we got close to the 2 mile mark. As I stretched, I felt myself rushing through each movement, anxious to get running, and reminding myself to slow down and keep stretching. The run felt easy, despite the slow pace with Murphy sniffing out everything along the way, and it felt good to be running again… As if I missed an old friend.

We shortened the route and headed home when poor Murph started slowing down to walking pace, and I dropped him off and went for round 2 of the same route. I was determined to at least get 4 miles in tonight! Well, my guess-timation worked because I ended up with 3.9 miles. The first loop was in 32 minutes, and the second was in 22. I was thinking about what comes next as I was running, and while my mind keeps jumping ahead to that of the marathon Rachel and I will be running next year, I made the sudden realization that I had a race even sooner! The Wicked 10K in October! And so this path down the road less traveled begins again…. πŸ™‚

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One Response to And it begins again

  1. Rachel says:

    It is often the road less traveled that we find our greatest accomplishments!! Just thought I would share that wisdom with you πŸ™‚

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