The first of many

Rach and I ventured on the first of many mid-length runs tonight. Eventually that title will change to ‘easy’ or ‘short,’ but not quite yet. After running even shorter runs and riding bike this week, it was nice to do a longer, focused run without the dogs! We clipped along at a pretty good pace and paused for cramps occasionally, but we both felt pretty good about the run.  I think we are both still getting used to the change in our diets too (which was probably cause for the cramps as our bodies are adjusting to less crap in our systems!). I tell you what… it is SO hard to cut out excess sugar. I cannot believe how many grams of sugar people consume daily without realizing it! Did you know that a single can of gingerale has 25 grams of sugar in it!? So cut out the pop…. done. Cut out the candy… done. Cut out the cookies… done. Cut out additional sugar-loaded beverages… not so easy to say goodbye to sweet tea…. not that I drink it often, but I suddenly have a craving for it!

It’s crazy the amount of sugar that is added to things!  I think it’s the idea of someone telling you not to think about the BIG pink elephant in the corner, so what do you automatically think about?? The BIG pink elephant in the corner!!! I’m sure I will get past this eventually, and I will be all the more better for it.

So the BIG pink elephant is in my fridge, and in my cabinet, but I’m not allowed to touch it…. I CAN DO THIS! Good run for tonight Rach! 🙂 Even if those rednecks scared the crap out of us with their ridiculous horn!

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One Response to The first of many

  1. Rachel says:

    I don’t think I have jumped that high in a LONG time. You also jumped pretty high yourself!! Tonight’s run really didn’t feel like we went that far. Must mean that this distance is getting easier and easier for us. Next time we would try and see how many 7-11’s we can run to in this area!

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