Stop and smell..uh get a stick

It’s always interesting to see what a run is going to be like when I take Murphy. We were gone for an hour, and managed to run 4.52 miles.  I started out with what felt like solid lead legs, and could not get a good stride, plus I had Murphy pulling every which way, smelling everything in sight. (He is SUCH a lab- nose to the ground, pointing the paw, chasing birds, and getting into water.) Eventually we got going at a pretty good pace, but poor Murphy’s tongue was about hanging to the ground, so I slowed down, thinking he needed a break. Well, apparently, I can’t always tell what my dog is thinking because he decided I hadn’t run enough and took off at full speed. Mind you, Murphy’s full speed is ridiculously fast, so imagine me half running, half being dragged, attached to him by his leash, behind him! After a while, he really did need a break, and we took a brief walk. It was long enough for him to find a tree branch, not a stick, but a branch, that was twice as long as he is.  We also, of course, had to break it into pieces and fling it everywhere til there was just the right size of stick to bring with us. Murphy really makes me stop to appreciate what’s around me. I didn’t realize the additional running trails that crossed the path we were on, or the park that was nearby, or even the Italian place that I am interested in trying.

Did I mention Murphy’s a waterdog? Well, guess what happens around 7pm near us? The sprinklers turn on in the lawns around the businesses. So, guess what we were doing on our way back to the house? Running through the sprinklers! 🙂 Sometimes, I really appreciate a run with my dog- he truly makes me appreciate the smaller things in life! Great run Murphy dog!

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