Playing Catch Up..

Feeling super lazy and super blue with all this rain we have in our area. I actually forgot to post this past Thursday’s run! I did the same 4.52 miles, but without Murphy and calculated the run to be a full two minutes faster per mile since I wasn’t slowing down to play in the sprinklers!

I took four days off with company in town, and me just being lazy Monday night, and got back to it last night between storms. I took Murphy with me to try out my new kicks on a slightly different, slightly shorter route. We tackled 3.23 miles in the intense mugginess that followed yesterday’s rain storms.  Despite feeling absolutely gross because of the mugginess, it was a decent run for Murphy and I. Lately, I really haven’t focused too much on time, but more on enjoying the run and the miles and the time with Murphy.

Poor Murphy gets super antsy when there are storms in the area, and it was a much needed outlet for both of us. I am hoping we can get another one in today in-between rain drops. Totally loving the puppy time, the new kicks, and taking it easy. The long runs are gonna get longer, and I’m looking forward to it, but I think sometimes, we all need a break.

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