let’s ride a rollercoaster…

Sometimes I really feel like I’m riding a rollercoaster when I look back at my runs. My one this past Friday was horrible, but then the one I did on Sunday (10-17-10) was great, and I could have kept going. Rachel and I tackled a total of 3.25 miles, and felt good the whole way. I felt like I could have done the route twice or more with the energy I had! I honestly believe that the runner’s high can come at any mile marker! 

I’ve noticed my enthusiasm and motivation lacking despite the upcoming race, and am trying to think of little goals to accomplish along the way to keep going. I can’t let my training slide or disappear completely when I know the marathon is a little over a year away.

Any advice is welcome in this respect. I feel like I pick the brains of all my runner friends constantly, but it’s only to improve and empathize… promise! 26.2 seems large right now… but I know some day in the very near future, it won’t feel like this huge mountain I have to run over. Just one foot at a time…. reminiscent of the rollercoaster’s click, click, click as you climb the tracks.

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