Run to the corner?

I seem to be posting next day more and more often… well at least I post about each run and keep up with it. Rach and I did a longer run last night (10/20/10), and got another 6.82 under our belts. I thought for sure we were going to get rained on since as I was driving home, it was raining pretty steadily. I even saw an older guy half running, half dancing in the rain, and was inspired to go regardless of the weather. If he can run in the rain, I sure as hell can.

After having a head clearing entry like the last one, I realized some of the answers to my own questions as Rach and I navigated the road down and back on the route we chose to run last night. I am not inspired by miles or by the goals, but rather by people. I hear stories about where people have been, and where they are going, and pushes me harder to just be a better person, a better runner, a better athlete, a better friend…

Rach and I were running odd paces last night but I think part of it was she was texting while she was running at my slow pace. I kept pushing her to keep going and not stop and wait for slow me. It felt good to run as far as we did without having to stop for too many lights. It was head clearing to just focus on breathing and making sure I could still see Rach up ahead of me. Although, when we did take a little break, I asked to run again and she said til the corner… that goofball wanted to stop ten feet away at the next actual corner! Anyways, it was an overall good run- I didn’t feel winded or sore or tired when I was done. And even today, I don’t feel sore at all. I think I am prepped and ready for this next 10k. It’s gonna be cake!

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