Running Under the Stars

Mary and I made our own path around the neighborhood tonight, connecting pieces of some of our usual runs to get some miles in while we both had time to do so. There’s a nice, quiet calmness you feel running under the stars, and I definitely enjoyed the run after such a stressful week.  I love it when the sky is so clear you can see all the stars. The Big Dipper was very prominent above my house as we drew closer and closer.

Mary has a big heart, and I appreciate her willingness to listen as we put one foot in front of the other on our 5 mile route tonight. Stress adds up, and you just have to find an outlet, or get sick. Those seem to be the only options lately. So, I chose to run AND vent, and my body and spirit feel all the better for it. Thanks Mary!

I should go ahead and add this tidbit of personal news in here too. I have had a lot more energy in my runs post-Shamrock. I can only think of one reason besides being physically prepared and having the endurance to run the mileage I do. That reason is this- on March 22nd, my doctor put me on a no sugar, no white flour diet. It extends beyond the white flour into things like white potatoes, white rice, things made with white potatoes and rice, corn, and carrots. What I CAN eat is nearly every vegetable and fruit under the sun, beans, lean proteins, any kind of multi-grain bread or pasta, and dairy products.

It sounds like a crazy mixed up diet, but honestly, what it comes down to is I can’t eat anything processed. So, I’m eating like our ancestors of way far back who didn’t know what a microwave was or who invented SPAM or how Ramen noodles ever became popular or what a Venti Nonfat Mocha whatever is (I actually don’t even know what that is since I don’t drink coffee- my old roommate would have to help me here).

With that said, I have been without refined sugars and white flour or anything that digests and turns instantly into sugar for a little over two weeks now. My energy levels are soaring, and I don’t feel like I need a break in any runs recently. I’m sleeping better, and believe it or not, I feel my clothes hanging on me differently already. I don’t dare step on a scale, and honestly, don’t want to know, but I see the act of physically making an effort and mentally preparing myself and doing it are helping me be a healthier person.

I feel better, my skin is actually glowing and free of any kind of breakouts, and my energy is like what it used to be. Did I mention I don’t feel crummy either? Keep this in mind as I tell you my 5 mile run tonight ROCKED and I totally could have kept going had it not been so late!

Health does matter when you are a runner. Fortunately, I have a doctor who saw something she didn’t like, and acted upon it quickly, and for my benefit as a runner.  (I love that she asks me what my recent PRs are and she knows the bigger races around town!) So, as I journey through this new adventure of finding sugar-free recipes, and multi-grain breads and such that I like, I’ll keep you posted on what I find. It’s a good thing I love veggies…

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