toast or no toast

I always wonder if I should eat before a long run. I always second guess myself. I knew I should have eaten before I even washed my face and got dressed to do this long run, but instead, I waited til I was about 5 minutes from walking out the door to eat my two slices of whole grain toast with a smidge of butter. A few miles in, that toast decided to wreak havoc on my stomach. Next time, toast before anything else!

Mary and I tackled a combination of our short run and mid run, making a large figure 8 to get in the 9 miles yesterday. My legs felt heavy for a good part of the run, like they thought it was wayyyy too early to be up running at 7am. However, the run was still a strong one, and I’m glad we went.  This was the last long run before the Chesapeake Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon this weekend.

I’m hoping to get in a few more short runs before Saturday arrives, but we’ll see what the schedule allows. I added to my long run of the day by walking around Busch Gardens with some friends. My calves were hating me for wearing my reefs, despite how comfortable they are.

I am blown away by how Busch Gardens is the epitome of the Americanized diet. My friends wanted to grab a snack at the park before we rode a few more rides and left for the night, so we went in search of food. Every single thing in that park is made of either white flour, has white potatoes or corn, and or is laden with sugar. NONE of which I am able to or willing to eat because I refuse to jeopardize the process of cleansing my body of this JUNK Americans call food. No veggies, no fruit, nothing without breading, not even sugar free frozen yogurt. Thank you Busch Gardens for making me wait from noon til 830pm to find something to eat, OUTSIDE your doors. Mind you, Wendy’s has this incredible Baja Salad, upon which I can eat everything in it minus the tortilla chips you’re supposed to sprinkle on top of it. With that in mind, I am in search of meatloaf recipes… from what I’ve been told, my iron is low if I am craving meatloaf… so suggestions anyone?

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