who doesn’t love hot pink?

Well ok… maybe I’m the only one that loves pink enough to wear super bright, hot pink shorts on my run today. Rachel was even shocked I bought them! Whoever told me about shorts with the skivvies already attached… THANK YOU! Wow- these are the most comfortable running shorts ever… why oh why did I not listen sooner?! I will be purchasing more of these in the very near future!

Tonight I had one of those moments where you step outside your door, stretch, and then, as you take off, think “oh how I missed running… oh how awesome it feels to be running right now!”  I think I’ve been a runner my whole life, but I had someone tell me that I couldn’t be. That kids just run because they just have a lot of energy. I was one of those girls that loved to challenge the boys after school to a race. Must be I was fast back then too (sprinting wise anyways) because I more often than not outran my competition. I think I’ve been a runner all along. Racing kids when I was young, playing soccer and running track in high school, running in college and after college just because I wanted too, and then seriously taking up racing in 2008.

It’s definitely been an interesting transition, and I as I discover new “high” moments like my super bright hot pink shorts with skivvies attached, I love it that much more! I am definitely ready to rock the Chesapeake Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon tomorrow!

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