the erica and the hare

After running in 97 degree weather, it felt a little cool running in 78 degree weather.  I ran with only my thoughts and mp3 player this time, and it couldn’t have been a better run.  Sometimes you just need those moments of solitude, placing one foot in front of the other.  I wasn’t really thinking about my running, but I was conscious of the traffic passing by.  I did hear a car horn honk as they went pass, but I don’t ever know if it’s at me or if it’s just regular traffic.  The honks I hear always make me wonder- do these people honk at all the runners in the city? or do they honk because I’m a girl and because I’m noticeable because I’m typically wearing hot pink? or are they just idiots that think it’s funny to honk at people so focused on their running that it makes them skip a step? 

It’s quite a feat to get my ponytail blowing in the breeze these days since it’s so long, and so heavy, but I was moving fast enough to not even feel it swishing across my back.  It’s funny because I find that I compare myself to Elle Woods from Legally Blonde a lot, and my hair being the blondest it’s been in a long time coupled with my pink attire made me chuckle tonight. 

I don’t know how I did on time, but I do know that I feel refreshed, and my head is so much more clear. 

I encountered a baby bunny tonight that literally stopped me in my tracks because he crossed my path and scared me. We both stopped and watched the other for some time. As I marveled at how small he was, and how I would have missed him completely if I’d been driving instead of running, I was thankful in that moment that the big man upstairs gave me a reason to focus on something outside of myself and appreciate the world around me as I ran.  I am grateful for my good health, and that I am able to put one foot in front of the other as I run my miles around this city I call home.  After my encounter with the hare, I noticed how the sunset was a gorgeous mix of amber, orange, and darker shades of blue gray, and I was glad I had waited to run til later today.  Each time I run, I’m reminded of why I run.  I’ve never kicked myself for going on a run. I’ve always regretted not running.  As the year of the marathon progresses, and this erica moves at a turtle’s pace, it will be a journey I won’t regret. 

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