Just do it!

Sometimes I have moments where I don’t want to run at all. I am tired, physically and mentally, and just don’t think it’s a great idea, especially with the high 80 degree weather and humidity.  Then I realize that I am the organizer for the Hampton Roads Runners group run in my neighborhood tonight, and can’t back out of it because other runners are depending on me to be there, to lead the way, and make sure that everyone is A-ok. 

It’s not really that I didn’t want to run, it’s honestly that I am exhausted.  I just have a lot on my plate in relation to work and so forth, but it’s all good stress. So, I needed to run to relieve some of this unnecessary stress.  Boy, am I glad I did!

We ran a loop that is just shy of the 5 mile mark, which is closer to it than I’ve been in a while.  It felt great to just be running! And with a group run, I can’t let myself wimp out to get a “drink break” which turns into a walk a few minutes and allow myself to be lazy break. I actually have to pace the rest of the group, and be encouraging! Tonight we actually ran pretty close to my race pace the whole way, and I felt amazing! I got into my running groove quickly, and after running with lead legs yesterday, it was a much needed relief. Even on days I don’t think I want to run, a run is what’s best!

Live. Love. Run. ❤

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