leaden legs

Tonight’s run was a challenge because I felt like I had lead tied to my hamstrings and calves as I ran.  It was a balmy 92 degrees when I started the run tonight, but fortunately a breeze was blowing. It honestly took about 4 miles to warm up… I guess in the words of John Bingham, it was a waddling penguin kinda day. 

I have some serious notes to myself though. Do NOT eat a footlong meatball sub, and expect to not suffer heartburn on a run several hours later.  Don’t think all that water you drank this morning will just be sweated out.  Laugh at yourself when you trip, and you’re all by yourself.

I must have had one of those pitiful or mad looks on my face again as I was running because a guy with wild hair and wild beard on a bike passed me and yelled,”You can do it!” as he went past.  I couldn’t help but grin big and keep going. It’s interesting to see how I feel so different today than I did on Saturday with my first long run of marathon training. That run was a breeze, with light feet and legs, and a good, solid pace. But I want to keep track of how each step along the way gets me to the ultimate goal of completing my first marathon, so here you have it….

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