Mother Nature vs E.

Mother nature and I have had several discussions already this year about interrupting my training. I think she was trying to tell me who’s boss this week with the heat index soaring in the 110s. When I tried to run with the temperature at 100 degrees, while carrying a water bottle filled with ice that quickly melted to lukewarm, I was quickly dehydrated, overheated and seeing spots. Not wanting to risk that again, I opted for alternative exercise in doing Yoga on Friday.  After last night’s insane storm with incessant lightning, sideways rain, and growling thunder, the weather at 7 this morning was much cooler than it had been in days. 

With a smile on my face, I quickly changed into running gear, stretched and headed out! I kinda had a plan about how far I wanted to go, but didn’t map it out. I just trusted my legs to tell me when I was stretching beyond my normal 4-5 mile runs, and pushing their limits.  I ended up getting 6.25 miles in today, and I feel really good! Even though I know it’s in the high 80s with the heat index in the high 90s, it felt so much cooler to be running this morning. As much as I am not a morning person, I may have to be getting up with the sun to continue to put in my long runs on the weekend and beat the heat.

I had read an article on this week about women and running gear, and it made me chuckle as the time passed, and I gradually saw more runners getting out there.  The article called women runners “fastinistas,” or women who run, hence, the fast, and wear fashionable gear.  I think there is a movement with not only women, but also men, in my age group and probably outside of it, too, that are really paying attention to what they are wearing when they run. However, I don’t know that there’s so much emphasis on looking cute as discusses as it is on function. I buy running gear because it has the wick-away material and I don’t want to be gross. I also buy it because it doesn’t inhibit my stride or get in my way as I move one foot in front of the other.  It just so happens that most of my running gear IS cute, and IS pink! 🙂 But I chuckled as I started to see other runners out there this morning because all of them except one donned the usual running tanks and shorts or some form thereof, and only one ran in a thick cotton shirt and sweats.  Isn’t it interesting how far the running community has come? I’m proud that, as runners, we are making a move toward a healthier community, and oddly enough, or maybe it’s just coincidentally, we look cute doing it! 🙂

Another long run, successfully under the belt! Marathon training continues!

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2 Responses to Mother Nature vs E.

  1. David H. says:

    I want Mary Kay to have a running line. I’d totally wear a pink MK shirt with Christina’s website on it. 🙂

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