Attack of the killer bugs!

Tonight was much cooler, actually in the low 80s, so I feel it was a great move on my part to wait til the sun was going down to go for a run.  It took about a mile to warm up, but once I hit my stride, it felt good to just go. It was nice to only stop at lights for water instead of every 1/4 or 1/2 mile. The bugs were seriously out tonight.. I honestly think I ate like ten… ewww… additional protein I guess!?!

I find it interesting that I get totally distracted by these swarming bugs that I reach my turnaround point before I know it, and quickly cross the street so that I can run like Phoebe from Friends away from the darn creepers! I swear they followed me most of the way tonight…

I was surprised to not see any other runners out tonight… I guess I was the only one taking advantage of the cooler weather. It’s all good. I think I hit a turning point in my running. As I moved along in my semi-slow pace, I realized my abs were killing me despite the deep breaths I was taking (and had learned to take so I don’t pass out).  It suddenly hit me that it;s because I no longer have a “belly” and so the only thing left to work my core and maneuver me as I run is my stomach, hence, the continued movement and us of my ab muscles… I probably looked like the cheshire cat after I made this realization as I was on the last 1/2 mile home. Thank you to my health plan, my continued running, and all the inspiration from those of you out there who support my marathon goal! 🙂

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