Adventure Run!

I left the neighborhood not knowing how many miles I would do or what direction I would go. I just went until it felt right to stop. I had an idea in mind of getting about 6.5 miles done today so that I’m not overdoing it before the Rock N Roll Half Marathon this weekend. It ends up I was pretty close with the 6.27 miles I did! While the temperature stayed at 80, the humidity was still pretty high, so I tried to run on the shadiest parts of the street to give me some relief from the sun. I find it interesting how I focus on my pace or my stride or how my body moves instead of daydreaming as much. After having read halfway through the women’s running book that was written by authors from Runner’s World, it’s made me realize how important it is to be self-aware. Your body DOES tell you when you need water, or a gel, or a stretch pause, or a moment to just breathe deep.  As I continue to train for this marathon, and for the upcoming half marathon this weekend, it’s the insight into myself that I realize I probably should listen to more often. After all it’s better to run well and healthily rather then being stuck on the couch, resting with ice packs, because I overdid it. Hindsight is 20/20 sometimes! Live. Love. Run!

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