Trying to find a route you only run once

Trying to find a route you only run once when you are training for a marathon is a pain in the tushie. Tonight, I managed to short myself 1.2 miles because I miscalculated on mileage because I had to do several loops to get all the miles in. This Saturday I have to run 20. I will make myself do the loops of two neighborhoods I know will equal the mileage.  As boring as it is, I can’t risk losing mileage and getting frustrated over it. The good news is that I did train nearly 2 miles longer than my run on this past Tuesday!

It’s interesting to see what your body tells you when you run this many miles. I always thought I was a pretty good listener to what my body needs, but as I have increased the miles I have become insanely attune to the lack of energy, and the need to refuel while running and even when I am not. I also am noticing the increase in water consumption. My body is preparing itself for my marathon! 🙂 And my goodness, if I don’t listen, embarrassing grumbles are released from my belly at the most inopportune moments… so I DO listen!

I am still maintaining the no sugar health plan, and have managed to lose a total of 22 pounds. This weekend, I went through my closet, and tried on nearly everything to see if it still fit. If it didn’t, and it wasn’t really something I wanted tailored, it went in the donate pile. Two feel good moments in one! Yay for being healthy and for being only a few short weeks away from my marathon! Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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