20 mile run in 4:04 completed on 10/8/11

Today I ran 20 miles. WOW. Can I say that again? Today, I ran TWENTY miles! It is so hard to believe that I have reached the peak of my training. It’s only downhill from here until the actual marathon. It’s still hard to fathom that it’s done, but it is! The first 8 miles were at a 10:35 pace, the second 8 miles were at a 13:15 pace, and the final four miles were at a 12:15 pace. I think running with a group faster than me kinda hurt me on this long run because I put soo much effort into the first 8 miles of this run. However, I am grateful for this group of women who chose to split up their runs so that I would have someone to run with me at 6:30am to do the first 8, and at 8am to do the 2nd, leaving me with only 4 to do alone. It was so much more doable with so much support! Thank you Tricia, Dana, Heather, Linda, and Mary! 🙂 I have to admit that I did need a few short walk breaks around mile 15, but they were few and far between. However, I don’t feel to bad after running so much this morning. Ask me in 2 days if I still think that!

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