OBX Marathon!

Today is THE day. Or should I say was? Today I ran my first marathon, from beginning to end. 26.2 miles. I say it again. 26.2 MILES!

It started out chilly in the high 50s at 645 this morning, and I was chilled in my tank top and sparkle skirt, but knew that if I had more layers, I would have been roasting before mile 2!   I have to explain about my outfit for this marathon. Being super blonde ( I live at the beach, and it suits my skin tone- don’t judge!), having the favorite color of pink, and loving the Legally Blonde movies inspired my entire outfit for this race. I chose to pick out a white tank top, which I adorned with a big rhinestone E over my heart, and the words “LEGALLY BLONDE” in hot pink and rhinestones across my back.  I also was selected by Team Sparkle to wear one of their traveling sparkle skirts for this very race, and, of course, it was pink! Finally, I topped off my toes with my trusted pink, white, and grey adidas Marathon 10s, and a big pink bow around my ponytail, and I was all set!

I made a buddy when I was stretching and trying to find my corral (corral C- it’s odd to find a letter corral instead of a number one).  Lisa was from Salem, and let me know she ran the same pace as me, and her goals were the same as mine: finish the race, and try to get a time around the 5 hour mark. We decided to run together for as long as we could, with the option to go ahead if one was holding the other back. It was certainly nice to find someone to run with throughout the entire race. I could’ve done it alone, but I couldn’t have promised the results I got today, or that my spirit would have been kept up the entire time. For this, I am super thankful to Lisa for keeping me company, pushing my pace, and telling me I rock!

This race is quite the adventure! It starts in Kitty Hawk, NC, goes to Kill Devil Hills, then to Nagshead, and finally, ends in Manteo.  So, I literally RAN through 4 towns in North Carolina today to get to that finish line! In the process, we ran on many of the highways, by the sound, by the ocean, through a park and sand packed trails, through the woods and leave and mulch covered grounds, and around the Wright Brothers Memorial. Oh, and did I mention that in order to get to Manteo, starting at mile 22, we have to go over a beast of a bridge?! And that mile 23 starts in the middle of said bridge? It was seriously killer, but I did it, and I ran every step of the way up that darned thing! I bet I only walked about 1/2 a mile out of all 26.2 miles today. Honestly, after a while, you just realize that your muscles hurt as much or are as sore as much as they are going to be no matter how many more miles you go, and that if you stop and walk, prepare for serious pain. Walking tells the muscles you are done with the run, and they are ready to repair the damage you’ve done with the long trek you’ve accomplished. Today was NOT worth walking.

The run today was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous- the sun came out and warmed it up to 68 degrees, there was a breeze blowing most of the way, and the spectators were fantastic- cheering us on from every single mile with endless enthusiasm! And speaking of spectators, how can I forget my entourage?! Mary and Lindsey showed their endless support of my passion for running by not only driving me to OBX so I wouldn’t have to drive, but also by getting up at 530ish this morning to get me ready, making a sweet sign that said “Bend and Snap” on one side and “the end is near!” on the other, and by making sure I was taken care of at the end of the race. I am so thankful for these two being by my side this weekend! PLUS- I was very fortunate to have my brother and his girlfriend come to my race as well! Woo-hoo! I am so LUCKY to have the support I do! ❤ you guys!

Today’s race was fantastic, even with super tight and sore calves when I was done. I probably did that to myself when Lisa and I pushed the last two miles and sprinted the last .2 miles. Who can’t finish the biggest race of their life without going out with a bang? 🙂

The finisher medal is a map of all the places we ran through with a dangling “x marks the spot charm” attached to it. The charm has “26.2” on it, and we were given a necklace to wear the charm on! I’m pumped! I finished my first marathon in 5:07:06, and with a serious sunburn, but it was WORTH it! 🙂

I still can’t believe I finished 26.2 miles! In the words of a poster along the way during the race, ‘I owned it!’ OBX Marathon is done! Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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2 Responses to OBX Marathon!

  1. David H. says:

    Congrats Erica! Welcome to the marathon club. Sounds like such a great event.

    About that sunburn, I hear Mary Kay has a great sunscreen. I highly recommend it. 😉

  2. dr1v3n says:

    Thanks David! It was an amazing race! 🙂 And believe it or not, I had that very sunscreen on, but it didn’t stay long…. never does on those long runs that last hours!

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