Addiction Driven

Sometimes I really amaze myself with what I can do. I talked on facebook yesterday about how running is my addiction. How it follows me around. How it pops up in every way to remind me it exists. How it haunts my thoughts and dreams. And how I wouldn’t have it any other way. 26.2 really doesn’t scare me anymore. It makes me want to run farther and faster, and be the healthiest I’ve ever been.

Today was an example of this by far. I try to run with different friends and groups to challenge my routine, my pace, and my body. Today, I ran with a friend who runs a solid minute faster than I do per mile at every race. We met at a happy medium, and ran between those two paces for our long run today. I’m not gonna lie- I am a little tight, and will probably be a little sore tomorrow. And yes, I did drink my chocolate milk right after I ran. But it was worth it! I finished 9 miles in an hour and 32 minutes. Would I have pushed that hard if I’d ran alone today in this gorgeous sunshine and mild weather? No. I know I wouldn’t have. So for today, I am thankful to all those runners out there who challenge me mentally and physically to be and do the best I can when it comes to my addiction. After all, I can only get faster! 😉

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