Sunkissed and burnt out

Sometimes I absolutely love where I live, and there are other times when I do wish I could still see all 4 seasons. We truly go from summer to winter and back to summer again here. This makes it difficult to transition from running in the cold to running in the heat literally one day after the other.  Funny thing is that the summer-like weather comes in spurts, and then we get a sporadic cold day or two, and then it’s back to summer weather again. This wreaks havoc for those of us who allergies and or asthma and need a few days of trudging along at a snail’s pace in order to get used to whichever weather it is again.

Today was a snail’s pace kinda day. I felt burnt out early because of the heat and humidity, and was super frustrated that I couldn’t push any harder or go any faster despite feeling fine. Well, other than hot and frustrated that is…. I LOVE the sunshine and the summer and the warm weather that comes with it. Don’t get me wrong about this. HOWEVER, I do need a few transitional days, especially after running in the chilly 50s on Friday!

Despite my complaining, I still didn’t do too badly for a 7 miler, (finishing it in 1:11). I do enjoy the fact that I have soaked in enough sunshine to cheer me up (not to forget the “feel good” endorphins from running), and to have sun-kissed my cheeks. Let’s hope for one last cool day- next Saturday to be exact- so that I can wrack up another PR, please!

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