Motivation Comes….

There have been several runs lately where I actually haven’t wanted to go. Tonight, I wanted to run, and I felt A-MAH-ZING! I pushed the pace and my lung capacity and just went with what felt good, and not my normal “holding back til the end” pace. I sprinted the last quarter mile, and fought to catch a breath at the end, but when you’re ready to run, it’s so worth putting in all the effort, and making it FUN!

I’m thankful for my running buddies in HRR. They always seem to pull through when I need someone to push me to try harder, to put forth more effort, to believe I can go faster.  Thanks for the run tonight to another HRR buddy who wouldn’t let me get back to my comfortable pace and made me reach outside of my comfort zone for longer than I wanted to.

A good way to finish a run like this is to be thanked for keeping someone else motivated. Here I was thinking they were motivating me to keep up the last few miles the week before the race… A compliment to boot only added to my runner’s high– being told you’re skinny and beautiful when you’re dripping in sweat and just finished probably the fastest 5 mile run ever is serious motivation! Motivation comes in many forms and I am grateful for it all! Ready to rock my 13th half marathon on the day after my lucky number day (this Friday, the 13th) when I run another 13.1 miles!

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