Training for an Ultra and Running for a Cause!

This was really a run/walk to get the tightness out of my calves from my run on Wednesday. Training for the ultra has begun! (Well, actually it started on National Running Day… I just didn’t post then!)  I tried out the new Saucony Shadow Genesis, the 2nd of two pairs of shoe I purchased to rotate during my ultra training. They are super comfortable, weren’t hot despite being mostly black, and felt great on my feet. I’m happy to have two good pairs to get this training going! I was much slower than normal today because I took some walk and water breaks throughout the 4 mile run. I’m not quite acclimated to running in the heat yet, but that will happen soon enough. I am stoked to be participating in the ultra, but also to be one of the newest Solemates for Girls on the Run! My training and fundraising will benefit the South Hampton Roads Girls on the Run program.  Why not run for a cause!? If you want to donate to the cause, visit my fundraising page: Every little bit counts! Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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2 Responses to Training for an Ultra and Running for a Cause!

  1. Awesome! What ultra are you doing?

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