Heat, Sleep, and Ignorant Drivers

Sometimes I have good intentions of rising with the sunshine and going for a run before it gets too hot.  Most days, I am already up when the sunshine shines through my window. It’s the nature of the beast when you have a sleeping disorder.   Today, however, I slept in until 7:30am. Apparently, I needed the extra hour and a half of sleep.  Some days I let myself sleep in, and others I roll out of bed as the sun is starting to paint the sky. Today, sleeping in was wonderful, but it also resulted in some not so nice consequences. I got up later, so I started my run later, and the heat had already started to kick in. It was a humid and hot 88 when I took off for my run, and I felt the sunshine and heat increasing with every step.

My intention for today was a 5.76 mile route, knowing that I have a 10 miler to do tomorrow.  Half way through my run, as I was crossing an intersection, an SUV stopped suddenly and came within inches of me!   The SUV driver did not look, or pay attention that his light was red, and that he could not turn left. I clearly had the right of way to cross the intersection, and he made a face AT ME! He was so close to hitting me that I could feel the heat coming off his SUV’s radiator fan. It scared the crap out of me!  I beg all drivers- PLEASE look before you make a turn or cross an intersection to make sure there are no runner legitimately trying to cross!!!! This guy’s ignorance befuddles me…

My running was already a little off key today since I started late, and it was hot.  This experience threw me off entirely, and instead of tackling the 5.76 mile loop, I actually turned down the street to complete the 7.21 mile loop.  Thankfully, I had my music with me today for the first time in months. I have really gotten used to running without any music, but I was thankful for the upbeat tempo despite the heat.  It kept me moving! I am also grateful for the bajillion 7-11s around here. I stopped at 2 of them to refill my water bottle with strictly ice, and was thankful to have cold water to drink as it melted.

Lesson learned today.. as much as I know I need to watch for cars, carry water, and be prepared for the heat, I still need to be super observant of my surroundings and how I am feeling. I could’ve kicked myself for not bringing a gel today because I was pretty shaky when I got back from the heat, but then again I wasn’t planning a run longer than nearly 6 miles.  Thank goodness for PB&Js when I got home! And chocolate milk! All is good now!

303 miles done for the 1st half of the year…not too shabby!


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