Running Before the Sunrise

I’m not gonna waste this
This opportunity’s mine
I’m sick of complaining
About a beautiful life


I listened to Seether amongst many other bands as I trekked 7.87 miles this morning before the sunrise. I’ve been complaining for some time now about sore and tight calf muscles and I need to just stop.   Why were they sore? Probably lack of use this week! No matter which shoes I tried- cute, red, patent leather heels, my Merrell barefoot Mary Janes, my various pairs of reefs, and other such sandals- nothing made my calves feel better. I put my Sauconys on this morning, and it wasn’t any different… until I was a few miles into my run, had hit my stride, slow, but steady, and my calves were saying. “Ahhhh,” with a sigh of relief! Long runs are meant to be slow, but it still felt good to be back in a rhythm as I moved along, and man, that sunrise was gorgeous! Live. Love. Run!


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One Response to Running Before the Sunrise

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    lol – nice. Enjoying the updates. Helps to keep my mind on staying fit. No excuses! Cheers –

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