An out and back bug attack!

After yesterday’s run in the pouring rain, and sloshing through several standing inches of water in my route around the neighborhood, my quads were not so happy with me today.  I spent some time in the rough waves in the ocean this afternoon before I took off for this run, and I’m sure my legs were like “What kind of torture is this? Haven’t we had enough this weekend?” Obviously not if I was running a little over 9 miles tonight on top of all the other activities I’ve done! Tonight’s run is the farthest I have gone for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon training and by far the buggiest run because I ate my fair share of bugs. EW! 😦   I am behind on my training plan, but sometimes life just gets in the way of your training, and you have to squeeze it in when you can. I am definitely sore as I am sitting here typing this, and will be icing before I head to bed tonight, but I am happy that I am finally closing in on the 10 mile mark.  After talking to my coach, I realized I haven’t really had a cut back week, so I won’t be doing that 10 miler just yet. I need to give my body a little breather so the muscles can repair themselves and be even stronger than before. It makes me think that this is the reason for my calves being so sore lately.  I’ve been pushing so hard to get the miles in, and to have a decent time that I haven’t really given them any super easy runs or run weeks. Time to step back this week…. and it’s good timing with all I’ve got going on. Updates to come in the next few days!

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4 Responses to An out and back bug attack!

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    I’m not sure which is worse: swallowing bugs on a run, as you did, or using my face to clear the spider webs out of the way on my mtn bike ride this evening. lol And I can so relate to the sore calves, due to not getting enough rest. Trust me my friend, you don’t want to go down that route for long. No siree! Keep up the good work, Erica! As always, it’s a treat to read about your adventures.

  2. dr1v3n says:

    I’d vote for eating the bugs… at least I know they aren’t crawling on me! Haha! Love your comments and continued support of my running! I definitely am cutting back this week… I honestly don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me sooner that I needed a cutback week for my sore calves. Icing them is definitely helping too! Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  3. David H. says:

    I had a blog post a few years ago titled “Attack of the gnats” with a photo of gnats stuck to my neck — it’s still the most popular search term when people find my blog. Pretty crazy. And gross.

    • dr1v3n says:

      That’s crazy that’s the most popular search term.. and kinda gross… but I guess bugs are part of the obstacles we deal with as runners! I ate another one yesterday… unintentionally!

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