Running because I can

I love those days when I am itching to run, and I cannot wait to get out there and see what I can do! I knew I wanted to run, and waited until the weather had cooled down some to take off. I ran without timing myself, and with music for the first time in a long time.  I hit my stride early, and felt good going at a quicker pace. I know I was pushing since I could feel my abs tightening with each stride I took.  It felt good to just run, and go down the boardwalk, with no end in sight. I wasn’t sure how far I would go, or when I would feel like stopping. I was just sure that I wanted to run!

It’s an interesting adventure to navigate the boardwalk.  You have the people that stare at you like you have three heads because you are running. You have the idiots that catcall or grin stupidly at you because you are a girl and you are running.  You have people who should NOT be walking around shirtless.  You have girls that are wearing shorts or shirts that are so tiny that you are surprised they just didn’t go nude.  You have kids who nearly run into you because they are so fascinated with the beach that they walk sideways.  You have the surfers who are bringing their longboards up from the beach, and you have to dodge the board or risk getting knocked out.  You have the other runners who give you the knowing head nod, and duck as they walk past the next longboard.  I feel like I am playing frogger all over again… just in real life!

I can’t say enough how much I love to run. I love to run. I LOVE to run! I LOVE TO RUN! And maintaining a 25 pound weight-loss for 18 months has been exhilarating and super rewarding in regards to my running (even despite the heat!).  Tonight I felt fast! It was nice to feel faster than a turtle… and yes, I know the turtle wins the race, and the moral of the story.  BUT sometimes it’s nice to feel like a rabbit!

I run because I am able. I run because I am physically and mentally capable. I run because I don’t take no for an answer. I run because I am driven… Bring it on ULTRA marathon!

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2 Responses to Running because I can

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    I’m a little confused here; I think what you’re saying is, that you like to run?? OK. And faster is better than slower. Yeah, I guess I can see that. And between the “drunken sailor” pipsqueaks and the wax stick guys, it’s an obstacle course. Well, it’s all about the cross-training, right? And last, but not least, between the fat, hairy apes and playboy bunny wannabes, it’s a real zoo out there. Sooo, you’ve got some sight seeing opportunities as well? Dang, no wonder you love running so much!! Hmph, maybe I should take up boardwalk running, myself. 😉

    Butttt, seriously, it sounds like you’re having loads of fun and staying healthy to boot! And that’s always a good thing!! I’ve started ratcheting up my workouts, as well. Since Sunday, I’ve run 6 miles, biked 17.5 miles and swum about 2000 meters (roughly 1.25 miles). Getting ready for a killer Sprint distance Tri down in NC later this month. Can’t wait!! Keep up the great work and enjoyable posts! Cheers –

  2. dr1v3n says:

    Good luck on the tri! It sounds like you are pushing your own boundaries as well. Way to go! Thanks for the encouraging words- I can always use them… knowing I have support out there keeps me going and only adds to the reasons why I love to run!

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