Oh Chocolate Milk…

Oh chocolate milk, how I crave thee after a hard run… especially after 3 days of running when I have been out of commission for about 2.5 weeks due to bronchitis and a sinus infection!  Dearest chocolate milk, please make my sore muscles heal faster, feel better, and make them stronger! PLEASE!

It’s so nice to be running regularly again. Today, I fought the almighty battle of pass out on the couch after 4 long days at school, or go for a run. Clearly, I went for a run! (Although, for two brief seconds, I did nod off because I woke myself up with the head bob that’s always embarrassing if anyone’s watching you sleep…) The coach wanted me to do a 1 mile warm-up, 2 mile tempo run at an 8:45-9:00 minute pace, and a 1 mile cool down. 
Let me back track for a minute and revisit my most recent conversation with my coach. He suggests I time my runs. I tell him I do. He says, “How?” I say, “I look at my phone before I get out of the car, and I look at it again when I get back in the car. If I run from my house, I look at the clock on the stove when I leave, and look at it when I get back home.” He shakes his head and says,”No. You need a stop watch or a sports watch or a Garmin or something that’s accurate.” I tell him that I have this sports watch that needs a new battery, but I can’t get the back off to get it a new one. He just smiles and says. “Uh, take it to the jewelry store, and have them do it. You need it like yesterday.” So, what did I do  yesterday? I went to the watch and jewelry repair store, and got my watch fixed. Mind you, I am a minimalist runner. I don’t wear watches. I barely wear my mp3 player anymore. Since it’s cooler, I don’t run with water unless it’s over 5 miles. (Most places I run have water fountains- especially the boardwalk.) So, wearing a watch is foreign to me and has been for years since I don’t really need one. There’s clocks on the walls at work, there’s a clock in my car, my cell phone shows the time, and so does my computer. Why wear a watch? According to my coach, so I can accurately time myself.

So back to today’s run. I ran with said watch and just used the timer setting since it doesn’t have a fancy shmancy GPS.  I hadn’t used it in forever and had to figure out how to work it again, but got it to go and stop, and made sure it was accurate. It is accurate, but I still can’t believe my times for tonight. My warm-up was a 10:13 because for one, it was a warm-up, it was chilly, and I ran with Murphy. My first mile of the tempo run I did in 8:14. My 2nd mile of the tempo run I did in 9:08. My cool-down I did in 9:10. This all for a total of 35:45. This makes me think, “Did I really just run that fast, or is this watch coo-koo???”

I know that as soon as the weather turned cooler, I started running tremendously faster because I had pushed so hard through the heat and humidity this summer. But can I honestly be running this fast? I know I pushed hard in the chilly weather tonight because I am soaked and need a shower, but that fast?  The 9 minute miles I believe. The 8 minute one boggles my mind.. but if this watch is for real, which the dude at the repair shop says it is, I will take it! Less than a 2:00 half marathon looks less and less intimidating! Not to mention how prepared I will be for my ultra in December! I feel good, but sore, from 2 days of challenging workouts and an easy run in-between. Yet, I still love running! Thanks, Coach, for pushing me.. I know I need it! Live. Love. Run!

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3 Responses to Oh Chocolate Milk…

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    “…I look at the clock on the stove when I leave…” LOLOL Classic! I mean, I can totally relate, but to say that to your coach, in response to a timing question? Yeah, that’s hilarious!! lol I still don’t wear a watch, I carry a stop watch in my hand. Just don’t care for the feel of watches anymore. But hey, whatever works. Oh, and chocolate milk RULES!! I’ve always loved chocolate milk, but when researchers found out it’s a great recovery drink? Oh, yeahhhhhh!! It’s ON!! Had me some chocolate milk after tennis, this evening. lol Anytime is a good time for chocolate milk. It’s better than beer! But I had some of that too; gotta relax those muscles. 🙂

    • dr1v3n says:

      Well, isn’t honesty the best policy? I’m a horrible liar… so what else would I tell him?I got my watch fixed, and to be honest, it’s kinda nice knowing where I am at with my time, and calculating my pace is easier. Chocolate milk is always good! Be sure to go on my facebook page and vote for me in my Chocolate Milk Refuel video- every vote gets me closer to winning a Chocolate Milk sponsorship, and being a part of the REFUEL running team! And yes, beer is good too- especially after a hard race! 🙂

  2. Greg Ritchie says:

    No, no, I wasn’t referring to honesty, but rather that you would think that that qualified as “timing”, in the sense that he meant it. lol Too funny! I reckon I can manage to mosey on over to FB and vote for ya. Don’t get on FB much anymore, but in this case…. Good luck to you! (I’ll not be getting on tonight, but will do so tomorrow)

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