Back in the Saddle… Again

This was my first long run since I got sick, and I’ll be honest, it felt great! I consistently kept the 10 min/mile pace the entire way for what was supposed to be an “easy” run per my coach’s instructions. I guess it was easy… not too much effort except for the hills in the park.  AND I could have pushed my pace because I know I can run faster, but I still don’t think my coach will say this was “easy.” (He told me to take a step back for my tempo runs from the other night!  I think I’m always pushing myself hard to do better and I get carried away.)  My calves were still a bit sore from the 3 days of running earlier this week, but they held out.  It was a chilly day to run, starting out at 53 degrees, but I was thankful for all the trees that blocked the wind today.  Yay for going over the required 10 miler by doing 10.6 miles, and for a great pace (10:00 minute/ mile) that I could have pushed past! 1:46:01 is a pretty strong time for a little over ten miles, and if I had kept going, would have been about a 2:11 half marathon.  My coach is talking about me really pushing myself to do the Wicked 10K on Halloween weekend in 55 minutes. Last year, I finished it in 1:00:21.  I think that with my consistent training, and consistency with speed, that I could realistically hit 57 minutes for that race.  A Goal is 55 minutes. B Goal is 57 minutes.  Bring it on Wicked 10K- 57 minutes isn’t looking so scary right now! 🙂

So happy to be running regularly again! ULTRA MARATHON HERE I COME! Live. Love. Run! ❤

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One Response to Back in the Saddle… Again

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    You go, girl! You’re k’n some A!! Keep it up!

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