My trip down the blvd…

Sometimes I really get tickled with the things I discover when I’m out running solo, especially on days like today. The time change threw me off this morning a great deal, and I felt I left considerably later than I did (which in actuality I did if it were not Daylight Saving Time). I determined a few things while I was out running today:

A. I wore gloves today, and not any fancy schmancy running gloves, just cheap 99 cent ones from Wally world. I SHOULD have worn gloves yesterday. Lesson learned.

B. Wearing your hood of your hoodie, up and tied mind you, gets you a bunch of weird looks while you are running. HOWEVER, my ears and neck were nice and toasty the whole run. AND I didn’t get soaked all the way through when it was raining.

C. I really don’t like running in cold rain, but it’s not so bad when you have layers on and can only feel it on your face. You have to do what you have to do when you’re training for an ultra, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.

D. People in general are gross. I saw so much trash, and not just any trash, but gross trash on the sidewalk and side of the road this morning. (i.e. dirty diaper, chip bags, a bong, a used condom, half eaten food, smushed McD’s cups, etc. all of which got a prompt “EWW!” from me)

E. My asics that I ran 14 miles in yesterday are not meant for trail running, and are being retired to short runs only. My sauconys that I wore today do not hurt my feet, and in fact, my feet feel better after the run today than they did yesterday.

G. People either wave or stare at you as you try to cross the street. I love the ones that wave you on and smile. It makes my runs go better! I feel like they are all on my side… but who knows? Maybe in reality they are thinking, “Why is this idiot out running in 40 degree weather, in the rain, and wrapped up like a mummy?”

And finally,

H. Even though I was tired, and my legs were tired, I CAN run two long runs back to back. I wasn’t doubting my ability to do it, I just wasn’t sure what my legs would do. Believe it or not, about a few miles in the tiredness seemed to lessen, and the legs loosened up, and the run wasn’t so bad after all.

Today’s run was pretty decent over all. The ultra is getting closer and closer, and I am starting to feel less and less nervous about it with all the training I am doing. I am thankful for my coach who continues to challenge me and at the same time supports and encourages me. It’s nice to have that support! Here’s to another great day of training under my belt!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!



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3 Responses to My trip down the blvd…

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    (chuckling and nodding of head)


    Really, that one word could sum up my response to your words this morning. But what fun would that be? lol Gloves while running in the cold? Essential. I can’t say that I’ve ever worn a hoodie while running, but I have been known to wear a fleece cap, decked out in a flying deer and trees motif – with a fluffy noodles-like thing on top, no less. Stares? You bet, but my ears just thank me again and then I don’t mind so much the stares. Of course, I’m kinda to the point now that I just really don’t much care what anyone thinks in that respect. Ultimately, it’s their problem if they have an issue with what I’m wearing.

    Saucony is the BEST!! The ONLY running shoe I’ve worn since I was 22, so that’s like — welllll, it’s a long time, trust me. lol

    Sadly, due to work, my exercise time has dwindled mightily. The only upshot is that I’ve nevertheless lost weight and am pretty darn thin. Of course, stress coupled with fewer meals – no lunch – will do that to you.

    As for the gross things you see? Yeah, that’s the trade off with getting out of your car, out of your house and actually getting out IN the world, instead of just blowing by it in the car or simply ignoring it all together by remaining in the home. Yeah, you get nature in all it’s glory – and mankind at its filthy, dirty worst. In the balance, the tradeoff is worth it, but it makes the spirit cry a little each time you encounter such disrespect – for self, for others and for God’s gift to us all.


  2. Marcia says:

    I agree cold rain bites. Gloves on the other hand, I can’t handle until it’s below 20 degrees. I must sweat like a dog thru my paws.

    • dr1v3n says:

      I usually end up taking off my gloves, and carrying them after I get warmed up, but when it’s cold rain, it’s nice to have that extra layer of warmth! I’ve just discovered compression gear, and it’s been great too! Thanks for reading my blog, and commenting! 🙂

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