When you know you need new shoes….

You know you need new shoes when your legs are killing you during, after, and hours after a long run… I should have been fine with the 11 miles I ran today, but my asics are down and out for sure. The tread has worn to the point that the black tread is deteriorating, and the layer above it, which is white, is showing through. Sad but true, these asics only have about 215 miles on them total.  I am thankful I still have my Sauconys to train in, but a new pair of shoes is definitely inevitable now.  I knew it was coming when my calves and feet started hurting from the shoes two weekends ago on a long trail run, but I thought maybe it’s the socks I wore, or running on the trails instead of the road. Well I tried a thicker pair of socks, and ran on the road today to no avail. The asics are done. Finito.

As for today’s run, I had company once again, and am super thankful for that because I certainly could’ve easily given up with the ridiculous gusts and consistent winds that we had to battle today.  It was a NON-STOP resistance run the entire eleven miles, and it was a toss up to whether or not ear covers or gloves were needed because the sun would come and go constantly also. I felt like an indecisive kid… well maybe I want my gloves. Nope, I don’t because I’m hot. Well maybe I need my ear covers thing.. nope, I’m too hot. And on and on again.

I was coughing more today, but I think it’s because my sinuses were draining from the cold and the wind. I am so glad to be on the last of the antibiotics today, and to be back to running back to back long runs. I don’t like the dopey, constantly sleepy, mushy brain I have had with this medicine. PLEASE let this be the last round of bronchitis AKA my kryptonite!

As for new items on the agenda, I tried running in compression tights today, and LOVED it! I will be getting more for sure because they flexed with me, didn’t feel tight, were comfortable,and didn’t ride at all. I also tried Bonk Breakers at the half way point today to refuel. These are a lot like the Larabars I eat pretty regularly, but have different flavors. Today’s was peanut butter and banana, and it tasted awesome! It stayed down, and I have yet to have any tummy troubles.  Ultra training is back in swing!

Now I’m off to ice my legs… and banning those asics to the closet til I can donate them in trade for a discount at the local running store!

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2 Responses to When you know you need new shoes….

  1. lol I just got a kick out of the LG Ad that is under your blog!! lol it was quite a work out today!! Can’t wait till the next one!

  2. Whitney says:

    so how long you gonna act like this?
    i love u sis wether or not you beliwve it

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