So, I took Murphy out to the trails at the park to meet some friends of mine who are in town for the holidays for a “longer run.” What had originally been planned as a 3-4 miler, see how my legs kinda feel, kinda run, turned into 7 miles later and a knot on my left shin bone.  The weather was perfect for running with milder temperatures and no wind.  I was ready to navigate the trails with my new kicks, and see what I had in the tank.  Murphy obviously was too because he wanted to take off as soon as we got there! I had overdressed, and realized it as soon as I got out of the car at the parking lot, and peeled off a layer. I am so glad I did because only about a mile in I was roasting from the two layers I left on!

Murphy was on an adventure all his own, smelling every bush, branch, pine cone, and whatever else he could find. He also tried to take off after several squirrels… I swear he’s the only reason I have any upper body strength… You try to hold onto an 80+ pound labrador retriever who is adamantly trying to get a squirrel and see if your arms aren’t sore!

Our little group of people and dog encountered several other runners and dogs this morning, but one group stuck out in my head.  This gentleman was holding onto two goldens and another large breed dog, who were NOT friendly, and who tried to eat Murphy.  Murphy went from “I’m super dog” to “I’m scared” in a heartbeat, and kicked my left shin bone in the process of running away. This resulted in instant tears in my eyes, and a protruding knot and instant black bruise on my shin bone.  Yes, it is still swollen; yes it hurts. And I do have ice on it at the minute. Thanks Murph. You big chicken!

After I walked it off, and got a “Sorry Mommy” look from Murphy, we kept up our little run through the park; er, what was supposed to be a little run. Me, and my big mouth, had to say “Oh, I feel good, let’s keep going!” Any of my runner friends know that I am guilty of suggesting lower miles to run, and end up tacking on a few more before the day’s over. (Except lately because honestly, 20 miles is a long enough run!)

So, my friend was tracking our distance, and was like “Hey, we kinda surpassed 3 miles a bit ago… ” So I told them let’s hit 3.5 and turn around, which is what we did.  So, 7 miles later, my legs are feeling pretty good, with only mild tightness in my quads. I am happy with today’s run, and happy that I got to take Murphy with me again. Well… except for the gigantic knot on my left shin. Thanks again Murph.

Overall, my recovery from the ultra is going much more smoothly than I expected. And I am super stoked about this because I have a half marathon on January 19th, and I am pretty sure I will be ready to roll! Live. Love. Run. Passionately! ❤

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