Running at the beach on Christmas morning

Running at the beach on Christmas morning

Running on the beach on Christmas morning is a totally new experience for me. It’s the same beach I run at frequently because I live here, but I am usually in the North for the holidays. This year I did not go, and have instead chosen to stay at the beach, and do things out of the ordinary. This includes running on the beach, soaking up the sunshine, breathing in the salt air, and enjoying the sound of the waves crashing as my feet pounded the pavement for the 3 miles I did this morning.

When I woke up this morning at the sound of my alarm it was still dark and I was afraid that it was raining outside.  The clouds were hiding the sun until I pulled up to a parking spot at the boardwalk, and then it shone through as if it was waiting for me to start running. The picture above is the one I captured just before I took off for my run.

I feel like today’s run brought some realizations to mind as I moved forward, step by step. First, and foremost, I put on a lot of weight training for the ultra. Secondly, I have lost nearly 10 pounds, and its showing because my compression gear is LOOSE. Mind you, this is gear I bought about a month ago, and it was the right size… now my compression tights, which are supposed to be snug around my tiny runner’s behind, and my legs, are now sliding down my non-existent behind, and I am having to keep pulling them up. I think I may need to hit up the holiday shopping after today for new running gear… (Notice that I didn’t say anything about the other clothes in my closet or needing new ones? Well, they are hanging on me too, but guess what’s more important in my mind? Running gear…)

The second realization that I came to today is that only runners would be out running on Christmas morning. 98% of the people on the boardwalk and beach this morning were runners. The others were walking. But you know what? Everyone else missed the gorgeous sunshine and the way it shone across the water this morning. Thirdly, runners are always friendly- we have endorphins flowing through us that make us feel good, make us happy, and definitely chatty. On Christmas morning, we are exuberant! 🙂 I chuckled as each runner I passed waved happily and cheered, “Merry Christmas!” as I passed.

Fourth, I miss running at the beach. The trails have been my playground for a long while now, and I totally miss running to the sound of crashing waves… I will be back out there again soon, my long, lost friend!

With that, I shall wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful day with friends, family, and furry ones.  Murphy and I will be spreading cheer from house to house today! 🙂

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2 Responses to Running at the beach on Christmas morning

  1. David H. says:

    This makes me crave a run at the beach!! Merry (late) Christmas to you.

    • dr1v3n says:

      I love running on the boardwalk! Training on the trails has taken me away from that some… I had to get a run out there on Christmas since I’m usually up north.. It was a good experience. Merry late Christmas to you too!

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