First true long run since the ultra

Today I ventured out determined to complete my first true long run since the ultra marathon 3 weeks ago. I planned on doing 10 and ended up doing 10.9 in 1:50:13. Not too shabby for me to keep a 10:06 pace for my first long run since my big race. I felt pretty good running the trails today, but it was so stinking cold (33 degrees when I started!) that I felt like I never really warmed up.  Despite not feeling like I ever warmed up, I ended up soaking my compression gear, long sleeve wick-away shirt, and running jacket. It was pretty quiet out there this morning, and I had a lot going through my head as I ran. I always end up pondering whatever’s going on in my brain on the longer runs, and tend to purge and sort things out when I can.

I realized that the road/trail is one of the few things in life I can depend on.  It’s always there for me when I want to run: when I want to run because I am excited, when I want to pound the pavement because as an adult I can’t throw a temper tantrum, when I am so tired that I should be sleeping instead, when I just want to feel better because I feel crummy when I don’t run. The only other thing I can count on is change. My life is a walking/running/living/breathing example of this on a minute to minute basis. Now, I never claimed that change is bad. I, in fact, have taken a lot of change in stride because it has become the constant in my life, which in turn could be a fault. Knowing that change is the constant, there tends to be a lack of trust… in relationships, in opportunities, in the reality of any given situation. How do I know that my watch timed me correctly? Maybe it malfunctioned? When in reality, I should be saying, ” Holy moley, I just freaking ran a 7:33 mile! WOO-HOO!” But instead, I trust nothing and question it. This is my issue, and mine alone to deal with, but I think through running, I have been able to recognize this, and deal with it. For example, yes, I felt good after running today, but now that I’ve taken a super hot shower, my legs are a little sore, and my hips are hurting. Well, even though I felt good, I knew I was likely pushing it today, and the end result, the change, will be to continue to do strengthening exercises for my glutes, lower back, and core muscles so that I don’t hurt my IT band (hence, the hips hurting). A change in the routine to include strength training is not a bad thing. It’s necessary. Change is inevitable, but my goals stand strong. I love to run- bring it on!

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