Murphy Miles in the Mist

It was an on again off again rainy day today, and I wasn’t sure if it would let up enough for Murphy and I to get a run in tonight.  (Last night was a rest night and a long walk night for Murphy and I because he always needs exercise every day.) It finally did let up to a light mist, and we got a pretty decent two miler in (low mileage due to taper week). I still am dealing with some serious runner’s blues… I just don’t want to run. I do it because I know I have to in preparation for this race on Saturday. My calves are super tight, and my tendinitis has been screaming, but ice has been comforting as of lately. I’m so ready for a break from running. I know. I know. It’s not like me to say those words. But in all seriousness, I just need a break. And I really don’t care that Shamrock is around the corner because I know I have the muscle memory and endurance to catch up when it gets closer. I’m just ready to be past this race this weekend so I can take the time off that I really need and just breathe. Sigh.

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