After all the rain comes the sun…

Murphy and I ventured out for a short run early this morning so I could stretch out my tight calves, and just get a run in before the race tomorrow.  I always find that I feel better prepared if I get a short run in the day before a race.  Murphy was a little less than thrilled to be running in air so cold you could see your breath, but he promptly laid down as soon as we got back. So, it was a good workout for him too. I know we were moving right along because I felt like I jumped right into my old stride, and just went with it. It felt good to be moving along seamlessly without any pain, tightness, or worries.  I just hope that tomorrow’s race brings the same stride.

After several days of rain, lots of restless nights and one good night’s sleep (finally!), and getting lots of work done at home, unfortunately, I needed some good old vitamin D, and mother nature came through for me this morning. Just as Murphy and I were on our way back, the sun peeked through the clouds, warming my face, and making me feel like things may turn out alright after all. I think I am ready for a trip out of town to run a race in much warmer weather.  This is a new experience for me, and I’m ready! Murphy won’t be joining me for this one… he will be spoiled rotten at the puppy hotel!  Bring it on 13.1… this is my 15th half marathon I’m pretty sure I can handle it. Live. Love. Run. 13.1!

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One Response to After all the rain comes the sun…

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    Best of luck and tear it up!!

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