Murphy Does Hill Repeats!

Tonight, I tried something new. I needed something to tackle, something to pound, something to challenge me, something that I could literally throw my body into to get rid of some overwhelming stress hanging onto me lately. Soooo… I opted to take Murphy with me to do hill repeats.  I wasn’t so sure how this would go, so I decided to only do 4 with a short warm-up and cool down.  We ended up doing 2.31 miles in 21 minutes at a 9:05 pace! Murphy was hauling ass tonight! He LOVED the hills! The only bad thing was that when we came back over the bridge for time #2, he thought we were heading back to the car because we were re-tracing our steps. He looked so confused when I turned him around at our turn around spot to head over the bridge yet again, and started to drag his paws until I cheered him on.  We were going fast enough that his little paws went from running to galloping up one side and down the other side of the hill! We were kicking some butt on that bridge today AND in the bitter cold!

I feel so much better after pushing my pace, putting in some serious effort, laughing at Murphy’s excitement, and letting him lead the way and the pace along tonight’s hill repeats.  Today didn’t start out the greatest, nor did it end the greatest, but I was able to let off some steam in a productive way, and that’s the least I can ask for.  I am ready for the race this weekend for sure! Bring it on 14k! Race #2 of 13 for this year.  And that much closer to qualifying for Boston… LIVE. love. Run. passionately…

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