Running in the Rain

Murphy always reminds me when to appreciate the small things. Always.  It was warm enough to run in the rain today, and we both certainly needed to get out of our home and get some fresh air.  Murphy wanted to run through every puddle, splashing happily as he did.  I was just as happy splashing away… small things like this are definitely a pick me up in a world of uncertainty. 

I think if my legs could be detached from my body, like that of Mrs. Potato Head, they would detach themselves and hide from me for a few days. They are super sore from my 10 mile run on Sunday where I blew off some serious steam after my 2 week hiatus from running.  I felt like I was waddling all day today, and it didn’t matter how much I stretched. Yes, it was a stupid beginning runner’s mistake to run like that after taking a break, but sometimes you just live and learn.  Even if you already know what’s going to happen.

I sometimes wish the certainty of what my body would do would translate to that of life, but I guess knowing what’s to come would be no fun either.  Uncertainty just sits like a bad meal in the pit of my stomach, waiting to make me puke, making me feel miserable and completely uncomfortable. 

Today’s rain was soothing in that it was certain we would be soaked, it was certain my legs would feel slightly better after an easy run, and it was certain no one would notice if I was crying or making faces or berating myself under my breath because everyone passing me would be thinking, “Why is this chick running in the pouring down rain and putting her dog through it too?” Why you might ask? Because I am a runner. Through rain, snow, ice, wind, and sunshine. Through job changes, moves, relationships, friendships… Through anything that life can throw at me. I am a runner through it all.  And lacing up the one thing that will never tie me down will ALWAYS make me happy. Live. Love. Run.

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2 Responses to Running in the Rain

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    Well, running in the warm rain sure had to be better than working in the FRIGID rain, like I did all day today, doing property inspections. So cold I could barely write – can’t write much at all with gloves on. But, at least I had 6 layers on up top and long johns to help keep my body warm!!

    As for running however, I actually got put down by an injury – AGAIN!! My calf muscles either “pulled” or went into SERIOUS spasm, while acting of all things!?! I was limping for nearly two weeks and just did go out again for a couple of light runs this past week. sighhhhh So tired of having to start over! But, such is life.

    Glad to hear the miles are still rolling under your feet and may life bring some good cheer your way!

    • dr1v3n says:

      It sounds like you may have been using muscles you don’t normally use when you were acting. Be sure to stretch, ice, and rest when you can. You can’t force your muscles back into shape. I’m tired of being sidelined by illness… so I feel your pain! One day at a time is how I look at it. Hope your legs get to feeling better soon!

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