Treasure Hunt Run

I don’t even know where to begin today. Murphy’s stepped on my toes twice in two days and he’s not gentle about it, making me wince in pain each time. I’m lucky he hasn’t squished them to the point of limping or losing a toe nail. He is 80 pounds after all… and a boy, who does NOT watch where he’s walking… but I digress.

Today was the Treasure Hunt Run from Final Kick that benefited a local running group who helps challenged athletes achieve their dreams. It was fun to run from FK to the trails and pick up “treasure” along the way. Coins and silly bands are just as fun for adults as they are for kids in my opinion! I was a little concerned about running today because my right hamstring was giving me some trouble after hanging the art show earlier this week. During the run today I had no issues at all, and was actually able to maintain a steady pace without any pain in my legs or any breathing problems! (8.08 miles in 1:19:46 isn’t too shabby…)

I don’t think my lung capacity is back where it needs to be yet after all the junk my system’s been through over the last couple of weeks. However, I am hoping it will be by the time Shamrock hits on the 17th. At this point, I will be happy with whatever I can do for the race since illness knocked me on my butt so close to the time of the race.

One benefit of running with the group this morning was breakfast catered by Baker’s Crust and free massages afterwards! I was stoked to indulge in both! Yummy breakfast is always a bonus after a long run, and 8 miles is definitely inching towards that category. And anyone that knows me knows I am always starving after any run, so score- free breakfast! The massage therapist told me that I was incorrect in thinking my hamstring was sore and that it was actually my abductor. Doh. Oh well. He massaged my legs and all I can say is “ahhhh.” There’s so much tension and tightness built up in a runner’s legs because we are constantly breaking down the muscles, letting them rest and repair themselves, and then breaking them down again to make them stronger. This leads to lean, strong, and tightly woven muscles on any runner’s body, which in turn leads to a puzzle for the massage therapists to work out. Sometimes you just need a massage… today was a good day for me to get one!

I am just happy to be back out there doing the miles, and doing without the effort I thought I would have to put in for the distance. It’s obvious the muscle memory and endurance is still there.. now to build back up to my race pace!!!

(and I hope Murphy stays away from my toes…)

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