Oh sunshine, how I wish you would stay…

The sunshine was a very welcome sight this afternoon along with the milder temperatures and less wind. I hurried home from work just so I could get out in it and run, especially since the last few days I haven’t been able to due to schedule and or nasty weather! I think Murphy was as excited as I was because he was literally jumping around our home in anticipation of leaving for our run as I was getting ready!

I did the first 4 miles with Murphy at just under a ten minute per mile pace.  I did the next three miles solo, and averaged a 9:32 pace.  Being out of commission for two weeks really set me back in regards to pace and breathing.  I can feel a difference in how my legs feel and how I am breathing.  My breathing is shallow and I still can’t get in deep breaths like I used to. My legs are getting tight, and complaining at the 9:30 pace.  It was less than a month ago that I was consistently running under 9s… this is so beyond frustrating. I am ready to be back where I was and not be soooo slow! UGH!

I am seriously thankful for the sunshine and slightly warmer weather… it helped get me through this slow run.  I am ready for the summer to get here for sure! Only 10 days til Shamrock… we will see what I can do when the day comes!

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