Does Mrs. Potato Head Have Blonde Hair?

Today as Murphy and I ventured out for another easy 4 miler, I thought again of Mrs. Potato Head.  Every time I have seen her, she’s had a hat on.  And so then my mind wanders, and thinks, “Does she have blonde hair?” In my case, she definitely would! I didn’t feel like Mrs. Potato Head when I was running today. I only had a mild soreness in the quads, and I seriously mean very mild.  I felt like I was all put back together again, and my stride, though slow, came easily today in the sunshine!

I tried out a new pair of kicks this afternoon as well. I have been buying my running shoes in pairs of two lately because I seem to keep finding deals for them, and I continue to get phenomenal deals, sales, and coupons from DSW, where I have been buying all of my shoes.  (And honestly, with as much as I run, buying in pairs means I always have a back-up pair!) I bought my current pair of adidas Thrasher Trail Runners, which I have been kicking around in for over 200 miles since my ultra in December, from there, and love them! But then again, I am biased because I have run in adidas since track in high school, and have always gone back to them.  The other pair of kicks I bought were a pair of Saucony Excursion 6, and they felt like I was running in the most comfortable socks ever!  The heel is much higher than I am used to, and I can feel that there is extra weight in this shoe, but it was super comfortable to run in.  Props to Saucony for giving me a second pair of decent shoes to run in!

I also tried out a new headband that I bought at the Shamrock Expo from a company called Bani Bands.  I had a mishap with two of the five that I bought in that the sliding mechanism to tighten or loosen the elastic that goes at the back of your head came apart the first time I put them on.  The other three have stayed together just fine, and do in fact stay put!  I always have issues with headbands sliding off my silky, thick hair, which in turn, leaves my hair flying into my face and or sticking to my forehead.  This headband worked wonderfully in keeping my hair out of my face, and not sliding off my head at all! I love the paisley design, and that it’s bright colors match most of my bright pink and turquoise running gear! Props to Bani Bands for this one!

Overall, this 4 mile easy run was a great recovery run.  After a full week of easy runs, I am sure I will be ready to jump right back into some serious training for the next upcoming half marathon on April 13th! Bring it on Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon!

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2 Responses to Does Mrs. Potato Head Have Blonde Hair?

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    This post made me laugh. lolololol Ahhh, I needed that. 🙂

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