Mrs. Potato Head Explores the Trails

Mrs. Potato Head has resurfaced, and ran the trails in FLSP this morning.  I had to do a 10 mile easy run, and my legs were just not wanting to cooperate at all.  From the get go, my quads were tight, and not wanting to move… so I trekked along the trails with my running buddy, Frank, at a snail’s pace this morning.  Seriously, I wish I was Mrs. Potato Head in this case so that I could take my legs off, pack them inside my compartment, and just roll the ten miles today!

I thought that running some of my favorite trail, and seeing some gorgeous scenery would change the way I was thinking and or feeling, and it barely had any effect.  I love running the narrows trail, but even that wasn’t changing the fact that nothing was wanting to cooperate with my “have to complete this” thoughts, attitude, and determination. Seriously, why can’t I just take my legs off and carry them?

Luckily, it went from 28 degrees and windy when we started, to much warmer and no wind by the time we got farther into the trail.  I’m sure most of that was just us warming up under the layers of clothes we donned this morning to stay warm, but I’d rather be warm than freezing. 

I’m grateful we decided to venture on the trails for this long run because the soft ground was a lot more forgiving to my tired legs than the pavement has been all week.  We finally seemed to find our groove at about a 10:45 pace after we left the narrows and ventured onto the main trail to get in the remaining 6 miles.  We seemed to have a need for more motivation than usual, so I turned on some music (this is definitely a perk of my new phone!), but it only encouraged us to pick up the pace. But I can’t complain, at least we were moving along steadily, and were able to to keep a conversation going at this easy pace. Music and conversation really seem to keep us distracted from the miles, and today, I was grateful for that. 

Another ten miles, on legs that didn’t seem to want to cooperate, are done! 

I think Mrs. Potato Head needs to take a hiatus… I don’t think I like it when she visits…

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