Revisiting Some Old Friends

I opted to start my much needed vacation with a long run on the trails this morning.  My running buddy, Frank, joined me for my long run this morning, and kept me going the whole way.  Let’s just say that it is not a good idea to do 12 miles the day after a 4 mile tempo run.  My legs were not willing to warm-up, much less cooperate, until about miles in.  I just wanted to run, and they just wanted to complain and be tight.

We ventured down the main path of FLSP from 64th Street to the Visitor’s Center, and then opted to go down Osmanthus to add some more miles when we realized it was barely 4 miles on the main path.  I have this love hate relationship with Osmanthus. Every time I go in there it seems like I roll my ankle. Today was no different, but I just kept running on it and didn’t stop.  Osmanthus is this up, down, up down, course covered in roots, branches, fall pine cones and needles, and lots of mud, water, and bridges.  I love the path, but I hate that the slightest misstep will roll your ankle or quickly make you face plant.  Luckily, there was no face planting today, and the bridges were dry, so I didn’t slide off of any!

After tackling Osmanthus at varying speeds (you kinda get excited digging into those hills and then running like kids down the other side), we ventured onto King Fisher and then to White Tail Hill. Or whatever the White trail is called… I always mix it up, but most locals know what I am talking about.  Taking these trails today was like revisiting an old friend- the path that my ultra took in December. I easily pointed out the spots where we had to turn, where it had been slick and I had slid, where the “you are now an ultra marathoner!” sign had been in the ground, etc. 

It was nice to knock out the 12 miles with good company on a path I have traveled many, many times in training.  I just wish my legs were up to par today. As it is, our time wasn’t awful, but not where I had wanted to be. We finished 12 miles in 1:59:42 for a 9:58 pace.  I made the mistake of eating a Vanilla gu for my 2nd gu today, and I will not do that again.  This is not the first time I have had a gu come back up, but this one was vicious.  UGH! I’ll stick to the other flavors, thank you. 

Another 12 miles is done! Bring it on Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon!

Live. Love. RUN. Passionately!

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