I know I look funny, but…

I swear every run I encounter some strange and unusual thing. Today, Murphy and I ran the first two miles together at an easy pace.  Even though it’s in the 50s, with the sun shining, he gets hot pretty quickly.  So, Murphy only got to do two of the eight miles I did today.  On our way back to our home, there was a loose dog.  He was purse pooch size, and wanted to try and bare his teeth to Murphy.  The owner came chasing after him and apologized profusely for him confronting us.  I just laughed, and said it was fine. Murphy had his back turned to the small dog, as if to say, “Really? Whatever dude, I’m running.”

After I deposited Murphy back home, and headed back out for the remaining 6.21 miles I did today, I heard the first catcall of the season. Locals be warned.. the tourists are back… Sigh. The only exciting thing about that is that summer is right around the corner. Hopefully. I haven’t smelled the first sign of summer yet: coconut oil/sunscreen. That’s always my first indication that is has returned and I usually can be caught stopping whatever I am doing to fully breathe it in. I LOVE summer that much! Off on a tangent…

As I started mile 3, I encountered a woman who was out and out snarling at me. Curled lip, sour face, and everything. I don’t know if she said anything because I had my headphones in, but I bet she would’ve had I given her the chance. I know I look funny in all my running gear, but really?! Why are you snarling at a stranger? I just smiled at her, and kept on going. 

In the next several miles I about got run over by people who clearly have no patience, nor the knowledge to look for runners.  Thanks for the warmth from your radiators, idiots.  I got to mile 6 and got stopped by a bicyclist asking for directions. I hope I sent him the right way… he was looking for a neighborhood near Shore Drive, so I pointed him in the right direction. Mind you, I was running a new course today (besides the first two miles with Murphy), and had just had an ah-ha moment about where I was! I had totally forgotten that one of the roads I was running connected with another major road.  I was about to turn around and head back when I realized this, and opted to just make a loop instead. 

Today’s run was decent, but not great. I started the morning by waking up with a headache, running with Murphy with a headache, taking ibuprofen when I dropped him off, and heading back out with a headache.  My headache’s somewhat gone, but it’s not going away fast enough.  This definitely held me back from pushing as hard as I could today.  The first five miles were around 9:30s and the last 3 were around 9s or a bit less, as per my schedule for this week via my coach.  I finished the 8.21 miles in 1:19:40. Last long run before Dismal is done!

Last thought for the day… I know I look funny because I have the weirdest tan lines from this weather! My feet are ghost white, my calves are getting tan, the rest of my body is ghostly white, and my hands and face are super tan… oh the joys of being a runner! LOL

Live. Love. RUN. Passionately!

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2 Responses to I know I look funny, but…

  1. Karen says:

    Great run, Erica.:)

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