Track Attack Again!

I had to rearrange my schedule for running this week due to some things at work, and am thankful I did because I got to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine and warm weather this evening!  Ask this girl how happy she is right now!!! I did an incredible track workout, IN SUMMER GEAR, was soaked to the core and covered with salt when I was done, and I felt AMAZING!  Have I mentioned how much I love summer?  There’s nothing like a workout in warm weather where you know you have really pushed yourself hard, broken through all the mental barriers, and literally sweated out all the junk. That kind of “cleansing” comes from the inside out, and only in those kind of conditions… And man did it feel good to “let go” of all the junk from the first day back to work after ten days off!

I did a mile warm-up, 2x800s, 2x400s, and 2x200s with each one getting progressively faster, and a cool-down mile.  I timed the entire workout tonight, including the extra 200s between each set, and finished in a total of 43:09.  For a workout of close to 5 miles, that puts me at an 8:40ish pace for the night overall.  I pushed to finish the 800s in 4:04 or less, the 400s in 2:00 or less, and the 200s in :58 or less.  I tell you, I always manage to have the most random stories. I was getting ready to start the 2nd 800 when this guy came onto the track and asked if he could run with me. I told him I was doing intervals, but that he was welcome to join me. Who turns away another runner, after all? It turns out the guy is from Canada, and doing some internship up near DC, and opted to take a road trip further south to see the beach and a few other cities.  He was nice enough to do intervals with me, and keep the conversation going while I pushed hard to meet my goals.  He obviously runs much faster than me because he said his latest marathon was a 4:05.  Dude.. I was about to drool when he said that.  That’s so close to Boston qualifying time!!!

Besides meeting this random Canadian that opted to run my intervals with me, there were a ton of large dogs out tonight. And I mean large.  I saw a St. Bernard, a Scottish Deerhound, several big labs (way bigger than Murphy!), German Shepherds, and so on.  The list was endless! I love that I live in a city where people love to run and people love their dogs! I just wish Murphy was allowed on the track.. he’d rock those sprints!!!

Here’s to the first great run in warm weather! Love it! Live. Love. RUN. Passionately!

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