I need some cheese

I LOVE summer.  However, I do not like the way that it slows me down so much when the seasons suddenly switch gears overnight. My body takes a while to adjust to running in each season, and this time is no different.  Unfortunately, this is happening right before my next big race- the Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon is in 2 days (the 13th!).  My legs felt leaden tonight, and I felt like I was running through air so thick that it felt like I had a wet, heavy blanket cloaked around me as I ran the 3.39 miles.  I felt slow, sluggish, and had a hard time breathing.  I’m ready to be adjusted because I know it’s not because I am out of shape. I am far from it.  I managed to do the mileage in 31:39 which averages a 9:20 pace… but when I know what I need to do to PR this weekend, 9:20 is NOT cutting it… Let’s hope for a cool start in the morning on Saturday.  I want to feel good about this race! Mrs. Potato Head wants to know where the ice and the icy hot is tonight… she’s going on a search…


I’ve got an awful lot of whine right here… so I definitely need some cheese to go with it… or even better.. some chocolate!

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