Is it nap time yet?

I sit here typing this, and I am yawning. I have been awake since 6am, have joined dozens of other runners to honor Boston for a run this morning, have run 6.1 miles in 57:04, walked Murphy, fed Murphy, fed myself twice, and taken a shower.  Oh, how fun-filled the life of a runner is!  But I am yawning because I am tired. My body is tired, and it’s been trying to tell me for the better part of two weeks that it needs rest.  After I do the run I committed to tomorrow for Boston, I will rest. I will nap to my heart’s content. I will take the much needed time off to recover and rest. 

Overuse is what they tell me is causing the ache to the core of my muscles.  HUH? Well, I guess that could be the case considering I ran 101 miles in October, 132 in November,  132 in December, 80 in January, 40 in February (obviously lower due to two weeks of being told I WAS NOT allowed to run so I could get well), 123 in March, and 65 so far in April.  Did I mention that from December through today I have run 6 long distance races, and have PR’d at each one? Did I mention that I have not really stopped training since before I ran the ultra marathon in December? No wonder my body is tired and aching from the core. No wonder it’s begging for rest.  After the miles I put in tomorrow, I will give it what it’s craving because I have tried every trick in my runner bag (ice, epsom salt soaks, ibuprofen, roller, massage, castor oil, icy hot, etc.), and my legs still ache.  They just need the simplest form of care: rest and recovery.  So, if I fall silent for a while, this is why.  Because despite my body feeling good on today’s run, and actually feeling like I was cheating doing only six miles, the ache was still there when I stopped.  I hear you, legs. Loud and clear.

Live. Love. Run. RECOVER AND REST.

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